... is the most advanced software available in order to manage the complete process of the ductwork manufacturing. Focus on the essentials. Systematically operating and clearness with Winklimax is a matter of course. The T Grebe software is providing an easy daily work, speeding up processes and minimizing errors and faults.


CAD CAM process with an integrated open CAD interface to the usual HVAC CAD programs. eCommerce with eKlimax customer modules. The manual data input shows 3D previews of the actual part in process.


PPS: To Do List, shop scheduler and done orders. Planning of the production sequence. A list of orders that have to be produced in the future will help to plan delivery dates.


KlimaNest: The automatic nesting system analyses the fittings and places to be optimized on a sheet. Holes are considered automatically and filled up if possible. WinKlimax is able to nest shapes on ticker plates. Furthermore it is possible to nest up to ten orders in one run. Minimum waste is assured by combining small and larger sheets. On the production lists and labels you can find all the relevant data for the production process. Only one mouse click is needed to start the complete printing. The labels can be designed with the integrated report generator.


eKlimax eCommerce customer or field software to enter fittings makes the process more easy and faster. The Client enters the dimensions of the fittings and transfers the data wit one click via email to the production.


CAD interfaces: Winklimax has an ASCII- and XML-import to CAD systems. It can also be used as front end interface to other software. 2D DXF forms can also be imported analysed and profiled.


Easy to use: Winklimax is very easy to use. All Windows user will be familiar to the program in a short time. T Grebe guarantees a comfortable and well trained support. Training and troubleshooting is provided by on-line a unique service module. Only requirement is an internet connection and telecommunications.


Post Processor: WinKlimax is able to control most of the usual CNC Machines. We have working Post Processors for: ESAB, Esprit, Elpromatic, L-TEC, Lockformer, Lovent, Messer Griesheim, Spiro, SAF, Burney Controls, and all the machines working on ESSI code.